Anonymous was like: About falling for someone who's not a Christian, what do you make of verses like 2 Corinthians 6:14 and 1 Corinthians 7:39? 


Hey! Basically, yeah, falling in love with someone who isn’t a Christian is not a sin, in all my feeble knowledge. Like I said, everyone on this Earth has things to fall in love with, everyone is lovable. I mean God loves them, how could we not? However, God doesn’t want us to do it because our marriages won’t be as fulfilling without the component of spiritual compatibility. Marriage was created by God, for two individuals to learn how to love each other (God can teach us how to love anyone), with mutual focus on Christ and mutual support of destiny, and when only one person in that marriage is making that sort of chosen effort, you end up with a lopsided and inefficient covenant where “love” usually has two different definitions. So this is all guidance so that we can be joyful in healthy relationships and partner with someone who yearns to love us like Christ loves us, who is our teammate in fulfilling our purpose. 

I’m not too sure why you brought up the 1 Corinthians verse to be honest, but that’s about as clear as I know how to make it, haha. 

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