I am so blessed to have a mother like my own. I thank God for choosing her to be my mother. She knows just what to say when I need her the most. She listens to me with no complain, as tears run down my face. She’s so wise. Nothing else makes her happier than to see me smile, than to see me happy. I can sit in front of her for hours and vent out feelings that I can’t to no one else. Having her listen to me gives my heart sense of warmth. She knows just what to say, at the right time , at the right place. I could be drowning in tears and she makes one remark that could change my whole mood. One remark that gets me to “cry laugh”. I love those. She completes the mother role and then some. She’s the perfect mother package. She’s everything I could ever ask for in a mother. Open ears, open arms, and open heart.

I love you.
3 words
Said too much
But never enough